A Combination of

Charity and Entrepreneurship


entrepreneurship is for everyone. the thought behind Entrepreneurs Aid is for it to be realised. 

If you receive 1000 Swedish crowns, and have one day to make the money grow in favor of charity, what will your inner entrepreneur do?

Uppsala University bubbles of innovation spirit and driving force. Students from here have graduated from companies such as Skype, Kinnevik and Daniel Wellington. Several Nobel Prizes have also been awarded to innovators associated with the university. These people dared to think new and different, and we know that you also have the ability! All these people just started where you are now; as a student at Uppsala University. Come just the way you are, have fun and dare to be creative! There are no bad ideas, go with some friends and dare to test your ideas!

How does it work? In teams of 2-6 people, using a starting capital of 1000 SEK, you will try to earn as much money as possible. No idea is too big or too small! Both the most income-generating ideas but also the most creative projects will be rewarded with great prices. All collected capital goes to charity, spring 2018 for the benefit of the charity organization Hand in Hand.

In 2017, the contestants together have managed to donate a total of SEK 280,000 to charity. The competition is based on two principles: Anyone can be entrepreneur and anyone can make a difference. Take the chance, start your own success story and tie invaluable contacts while contributing to a hugely important job.


Entrepreneurs Aid

2017: Nema problema foundation


This time, all collected money went to the Nema Problema Foundation. It is an ideal organization with focus on integration in Sweden, but in addition to A World of Friends, has built a orphanage in Berekum in southwestern Ghana. In addition, they are preparing to set up kindergartens in Ukraine.

Nema Problema Foundation creates a platform for new arrivals, immigrant immigrants and ethnic Swedes, meeting in a combination of usefulness and pleasure. The aim is to create new friendships as well as long-term relationships and thereby integration, by exchanging wonderful experiences between different cultures. Throughout the Nema Problema Foundation initiative, they are always trying to adopt a positive attitude. Integration is fun!

In total, all project groups, together with sponsors, managed to collect a total of 112,591 kronor, which went unexpectedly to the Nema Problema Foundation, which is amazing!

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