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It Has Become a Tradition…


Every year Entrepreneurs Academy organizes a trip to one of the world's most startup-dense cities. Last time we went to London, and before that Berlin. Both trips were highly appreciated by the companions as well as the companies we visited.

This year we are taking it one step further with an extra special destination: San Francisco. March 28th to April 4th we are heading across the pond, to delve into everything the American start-up hub has to offer. It will be a well-filled week, mixing business with pleasure. Visits at companies, start-ups as well as market leaders. We spend time at JUSTforall, Spotify, Gavagai, Stanford University and Minerva University just to mention a few. Combined with seeing the best parts of the pearl of California: San Francisco.

Our trip explores the opportunities and challenges related to the establishment of strategic partnerships. We are a highly networked group of individuals, with students from the highest ranked schools of Sweden.

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EA Meets Berlin


Spring 2016

Entrepreneurs Academy went to Berlin at the end of May. It was a start up trip in order to visit start ups, meet entrepreneurs, investors and incubators. The travel lasted for four exciting days.


EA Meets London



Autumn 2015

In a couple of days we went around London and met the people behind of successful start-ups. We met entrepreneurs and start-ups from different industries, including environmental technology company Powervault, investment company Seedcamp, and crowd funding company Seedrs, which developed a platform that allows private individuals to invest in start-ups. We also visited Google's entrepreneurship hub, Google for Entrepreneurs, and Oxford University's Entrepreneurship Association and linked contacts.

At the end of the trip we explored London. Some student went shopping and others watched a soccer game. An amazing trip full of inspiration, energy and fun. Make sure to come with us next time!


EA Meets Berlin


spring 2015

We repeated the success by driving down to Berlin in order to be overwhelmed by inspiration and ideas. We visited companies such as Soundcloud, Vamos, Zenmate, Outfittery, Jumpstarter, Earlybird, Adjust and Fantastic Frank!



EA Meets Berlin

The first time: 2013

Twelve excited students from Uppsala University got the opportunity to go on an inspiration trip with Entrepreneurs Academy. We visited one of Europe's hottest start-up scenes of modern time: Berlin.

For three intense days, the students met twelve different companies and the people behind. The trip began with a morning visit at Adeven, we discussed what a bootup really is and Adeven co-founder and CTO, Paul, told us about their industry experience. After lunch, we visited Payango, which in cooperation with VISA delivers prepaid VISA cards to Germans. Amongst other things, we got told how it feels to be a young and small company and to work with a giant like VISA. The day ended with a visit at SoundCloud, a success story in the music industry and which founder is Swedish. They told us about how the company has went from being a handful of employees, to nearly two hundred today - and the consequences that comes with success.


At Soundcloud

Day two began with a delicious breakfast which was served by the advertiser Fraisr. Even though the final query was initiated before launching the site, they had time to answer all the questions that arose. Then we visited the other company with Swedish affiliation, namely Loopcam, founded by Tor Rauden Källstigen, previously involved in NoKo Jeans. After Loopcam, it led to the company Fckweloveit, which indeed was a contrast to the previous companies we had visited. We met the founder Drita, and her employees, in Drita's living room. After the first launch of their social search service, they have now recharged and invested in a new launch of the same product but under the name Amp. The day ended with a visit at a huge company named Babbel, they offer fun language courses online. We received a presentation of the company and met one of the venture capitalists who invested in Babbel. The conversations focused a lot on funding and then primarily in the form of just venture capital.


The last day had a lot to do with coworking and it started with a visit at Deskwanted. We learned what coworking actually means and why it is beneficial in the startup world. Then we ate pizza at Mobilesuite, a place that offers co-working spaces for Berlin's many startups. The Swedish company Vamos and Stockperformer joined us too. Luis from Vamos told us about his background as a Youth Enterprise (UF) and his wholeheartedly work at Vamos. Stockperformer was the only company we met during the trip that had not received any investments. The trip ended with a visit to Mapegy, which develops a product where you can quickly get a graphical analysis of its competitors by searching for several terabyte data.

Breakfast at Fraisr

Lunch at Mobilesuite



Throughout the whole trip, getting a fair insight into the startup world. We visited many different companies and individuals, all of whom had unique experiences to share. After the trip, everyone felt that it was both inspirational, educative and fun.