EA Loves Start Up's

First time: 2014


During an afternoon Entrepreneurs Academy, along with 20 entrepreneurial students, visited four impressive startups in Uppsala. The reason? To inspire and learn more about how it really is to start and run a company.

The last company to visit was Drivhuset, afterwards a nice dinner at Småland's Nation was what closed the evening. 


Formerly Lykka - is a online store for cooking lovers. The ambition is to have the most well-stocked range of kitchen utensils in Sweden. With a structured and stylish website you can find everything from cooking to serving products. The company was started in 2010 by Anton Malmberg and Joel Falck.


Available on the web and as an app. The business idea is that by filling in what you plug or have plugged, you'll get matched job advertisements from employers seeking staff. This way, you do not have to click on job sites and look for job postings after work, but everything is gathered in one place. Cruitway was launched in January 2014. The team behind Cruitway is a composite of entrepreneurs, HR consultants and IT engineers.


A web agency that supplies large and small web solutions to agencies and companies. The vision is to create easy-to-use web pages. Browse the Günther Hovkreditorium in Uppsala has used the web-store for the construction of their website. Webbgaraget was started 2008.


Helps new entrepreneurs to start and run businesses. By providing guidance and education, Drivhuset creates future companies and entrepreneurs. 

The Friendly Swede

An e-commerce company that operates and sells its products on Amazon.