Make Your Idea Reality

The Business Angels is a web based serie and entrepreneurial competition where future entrepreneurs, inventors and visionaries get a chance to pursue their dreams. The jury appoints a winner who they will help to realize its company. In addition, all participants have the opportunity to charm the business angels, thus attracting a proper investment from their own wallets.

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The Angels of 2018

The Business Angels in Uppsala consists of five committed entrepreneurs who is more than passionate about entrepreneurship. They wish to increase the knowledge of entrepreneurship and contribute to the creation of more companies in Sweden.


John Lundqvist

The Friendly Swede

John is calm, thoughtful and sometimes difficult to interpret. With experience as an investor in several companies, he poses the difficult questions. John knows what entrepreneurship is all about, which means that when he says something, one should really try to learn from it.

Maria Mattsson Mähl


Maria is completely overloaded with energy. In just four years Maria has built a company with a turnover of a quarter of a billion Swedish crowns. Maria is a spontaneous, vigorous and multiple award-winning founder and CEO. Her clear sense often results in quick comments.

Magnus Hasselteg

Viva Media Group

Magnus is a businessman all the way from head to toe. His main focus is marketing, digitalization and automation. He has been employed by Google as a lecturer and thereby helped thousands of agencies in more than 20 countries. He makes sure that the Angels holds a high digital and commercial level.

Kaija Carlson

Uppdrag köket

Kaija have her roots in the food industry, together with her husband she has built one of Sweden's most profitable ICA stores. Now she has saddled her own business. Kaija is not as dangerous as she sounds, she is a caring angel, but at the same time questionable and critical.



Thomas Sonesson


Thomas has been an entrepreneur throughout his life and is now an investor and board member of several successful companies. Thomas is also the Angel's president and wise man. He is full of keeping the Angels at bay as they shine away and make sure everything is correct. Thomas is analytical and a little restrained in the way, when he talks you have no choice but to listen.